Chi-Quynh Nguyen
Videographer.  Photographer.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Houston, my journey into the world of videography began in the most unexpected of places: the realm of YouTube gaming. What started as a fascination with gaming videos evolved into a passion for storytelling through visuals. This passion was further ignited during my time at The University of Texas at Dallas, where I pursued a degree in Design and Production.
My first foray into video creation dates back to 2016, and since then, there's been no looking back. From crafting a short film for a high school project to diving deep into the world of videography in 2020, each project has been a learning experience, a new story to tell.
While I haven't bagged any awards (yet!), my portfolio is a testament to my versatility, showcasing a diverse range of videos from commercials and ads to live event captures and evocative travel narratives. My skill set extends beyond traditional videography. I'm adept at drone operations, have a keen eye for both photo and video editing, and possess a solid grasp of sound design. My love for photography, especially the mesmerizing nighttime cityscapes, adds another dimension to my creative repertoire.
My approach? It's simple. Adaptability. Every client and every project has its unique essence, and my goal is to capture that essence, tailoring my skills to create the best possible visual narrative.
When I'm not immersed in a video project, you'll find me wandering the streets, capturing the city's heartbeat through street photography. Or perhaps at the gym, pushing my limits in bodybuilding. And always, always learning – be it a new editing technique, a photography trick, or just about anything that piques my curiosity.
Looking ahead, my sights are set on entrepreneurship. I envision a future where I helm a production or media business, blending my passion for storytelling with the thrill of enterprise.
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